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One Size Doesn’t Fit All When It Comes To Online Advertising.


Your Customers Are Socializing Online. Are You?

Be a part of conversations of your clients on popular social media channels. If you’re not a part of the conversation, you’re missing out on more than just some friendly chit chat. Looking for some quick leads SMART paid advertisement campaigns is your solutions. After understanding and establishing your objectives, our team of digital marketing specialists will define the best approach to improve your online visibility and your online conversions.

SMART Social Media

The more you are active and engaging consumers, the higher search engines tend to rank you. SmatBit Digital can ensure that your social media strategy is executed in the right way for your business.  Each industry and each individual business has different social media needs.  Through our experience, we have become experts in executing social media strategies in a wide range of industries.

Our expert Social Media Consultants will work with you to understand your business.  We will research social media trends in your industry and watch your competitors. Throughout the whole process, you will be provided with regular updates on the strategy, implementation and results of our social media services.

The better relationship you have with your audience, the more likely they are to share good stories and reviews with their personal network of friends and family.

Having a strong presence online is one of the best ways to engage with your customers and our social media marketing services will help you convert them from fans and followers into customers. We are happy to look after the technical aspects of setting up an attractive social media presence and acting as your trusted voice.

Account Setup

At SmartBit Digital we understand your business and set up social media accounts for your business keeping in mind the of profile your clients.

Account Branding

We at SmartBit Brand or re-brand of your social media pages and profiles with Graphic design to make your profile pages consistent and beautiful.

Strategy Development

With through understanding about presence of potential clients on social media platforms, we design a SMART strategy to target the clients.

Content Strategy

Keeping in ming the over all marketing strategy , SmartBit Digital team will draft content including graphics which than will be shared over different social media platforms.

Daily Management

Staying active on all social media platforms is critical. With strategically optimized Frequent posts, SmartBit Digital Makes sure you get a wide reach.

Social AD Campaign

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ads can punch above their weight when campaigns are well crafted. Ask us how a social campaign can drive results for your business.

Be Part Of Your Clients Social Network.

SMART Ad Campaigns

Sometimes you need results – fast – Paid ads may be just the right strategy for you. When we talk about Pay Per Click advertising, people always think of Google Adwords. And they are right: it is one of the most used platforms to advertise online.

But Google is not the only one to provide this service: other search engines, like Bing, allow your business to do the same. Even social media websites like Facebook or Youtube are relevant options depending on your target audience.

Regardless of the platform, Guaranteed SEO can help you design and write your ads, set up the campaigns according to your budget and monitor the performance over time. You pay directly to the ad platform, and we manage from there. No campaign is efficient until it proves to be a source of profit for your business.

There is more work that goes into PPC and how well this work is implemented has a big impact on your campaign’s effectiveness. As is the case with regular SEO, you need to research and select the right keywords first. The right price needs to be set in order to make sure you get the hits you want, and you need to monitor what is happening because everything can change from month to month.

Search Ad Campaigns

When someone is looking for your product or program, be sure it bubbles into view. Magnify has a long history crafting click-worthy campaigns that drive reach and engagement.

Social Ad Campaigns

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ads can punch above their weight when campaigns are well crafted. Ask us how a social campaign can drive results for your business.

Programmatic Ads

Amplify the return on your media buying dollars by segmenting and hyper-targeting your audience with this fast growing, sophisticated approach to ad placement.

Landing Page Design

Online ad campaigns are only as strong as their weakest link. Magnify delivers strategic landing pages that move visitors effortlessly along the road to discoverability.

Targeted Content Creation

Need help building your online assets? with effective copywriters and designers we help your brand’s content stand out in the crowd.


Magnify configures your analytics and tracks campaign data to create meaningful reports that enable you to assess the return on your digital marketing investment.

Publish Ads That Convert.

SMART Content Marketing

Engage your targeted audience with powerful crafted content In digital marketing, we say that content is king. Compelling texts will directly act on your bottom line as well-written pieces of content are useful at every level.

Using a copywriting service will be at the base of any SEO campaign, the foundation of your social media marketing and can be surprisingly valuable for natural inbound link generation.

The goal of quality content is not to please the robots but your visitors. The reward search engines will give you regarding your rankings is just a valuable bonus.

Let’s be honest, the entire point of getting them to your website in the first place is to persuade them to learn more about your business. Not only should your website’s content be relevant; it should also be organized, well written, error free and compelling to a broad range of internet users. If your website’s copywriting is not appealing to your audience, they’re not going to connect with you or your brand.

Our team of experts can quickly and efficiently create new pages that are synergistic with your existing content while targeting the right keywords and audience.

Quick Turnaround

At SmartBit Digital experienced copywriters and managers make sure your content hits the market in time and align with your marketing campaigns.

Different Formats

We at SmartBit Digital deliver engaging content in variety of formats. Newsletters,
Blogs, Case Studies and E-books are most commonly delivered content.

Soft Sell Approach

The artful science of content marketing aims to provide meaningful, useful information up front that connects with your readers, so you can soft sell them on your products or services later.

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